JCW-CM01 Loose-piece Connector Crimping Machine

The JCW-CM01 is a highly customizable terminal crimping machine with a high degree of flexibility. This machine is equipped with a vibrating bowl for conveying material, it's able to convey a wide range of connectors, including bulk terminals, various types of pre-insulated terminals, copper lugs, power plugs, small sizes EN2510, etc.

The standard machine is equipped with a 2-ton terminal crimping machine for various common terminals and wires. The press can be reinforced for crimping heavy-duty terminals.

The CM01 is an economical yet very efficient terminal crimping machine that provides efficient crimping solutions for a wide variety of bulk terminals.

ModelJCW-CM01 Terminal Crimping Machine
FunctionFork terminal, ring terminal, blade terminal, spade terminal, lug, power plug
Crimp force2 tons [ customizable ]
Control systemPLC
Crimp stroke30 MM
Power supplyAC 110 - 220V, 50 / 60 Hz
Air supply0.4 - 0.6 MPa ( clear and dry air )
Dimensions1350 x 750 x 1500 mm
Weight140 KG

* Must Be Filled

* Must Be Filled