Ribbon Cable Terminal Continuous Crimpming

Ribbon Cable Terminal Continuous Crimpming

JCW-2TE Semi-automatic Ribbon Cable Crimping Machine

30MM stroke, fully programmable bench top press, 28mm cable width

Pre-treat cable

The stripping and separation of ribbon cable are very important, which will directly affect the terminal crimping effect. For ribbon cable stripping and splitting, we recommend JCW-CS12 automatic cutting, stripping, and splitting machine. It will cut the cable into length, strip insulation at both ends, and split the cables precisely with no damage to both insulation and conductors. The splitting length is programmable via touchscreen, and the splitter can be adjusted to suit cables at different spacing and gauges.

Fast, quiet, and precise crimping

The fully programmable JCW-2TE bench-top press is designed to achieve top crimping quality on ribbon cables. A high-precision crimp applicator uses a wire fork to guide conductors, combined with a precise translation of screw slide, that will guarantee each wire is exactly above the terminal. 

The parameters like cable pins numbers, conductors pitch, transfer speed, and clamp speed are all easily settable via a 7" color touchscreen. 

The ideal speed for the crimping process can be individually adjusted to match the operator efficiency. The cables to be connected are inserted by the operator and the crimping process starts by actuating the foot pedal. This electric terminal crimping machine adopts a variable-frequency drive to minimize power consumption and cause low noise. 

Each JCW-2TE crimping machine comes with power cords suitable for different countries, a foot pedal, a lamp for the working area lighting, and a reel holder bracket. 


JCW-2TE Flat Ribbon Cable Terminal Crimping Machine

FunctionSide-feed terminal, Continuous crimping, Parallel transfer
Cable rangeMax 28mm in width
Crimping force20 KN 

30 MM

Rated power1 KW
ActivationFoot pedal
Power supply
AC 110 - 220 V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz 
DimensionsL 700 x W 600 x H 830 mm
Weight120 KG

Complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

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