JCW-324 Flat Ribbon Cable / IDC Connector Crimping Machine

8 - 64P / 128P IDC connector, simple operation, high-speed crimping

The JCW-324 semi-automatic IDC crimping machine is designed to take the place of a traditional hand crimp tool. It uses an 8025 cylinder to drive the press. 

The bakelite-made base plate is adjustable for IDC connectors at different pins numbers. The crimping range is from 8 to 64 pins. This crimping machine will bring you highly increased productivity. 

The operator must push the base plate with 2 hands to avoid any damage on hands.

IDC is generally used for mass termination for flat or ribbon cables. With this technology, the connector makes simultaneous contact with all the terminals of the conductor or wire. The connector contact is like a sharp knife that pierces inside through the insulation of the wire. As the connector gets deformed, each strand of the contact establishes a metal-to-metal connection with the cable assembly portion. This avoids the need for stripping the insulation before making the connection. IDC connectors create a reliable gas-tight connection as the connector blade is cold-welded to the conductor.


JCW-324 FRC / IDC Connector Crimping Machine

Function40P / 64P / 90P / 128P IDC connector, start trigger, automatic crimping
Crimping force20 KN
Air regulatorYes
ActivationMicro switch
Air supply
0.6 - 0.8 MPa ( clean and dry air ) 
DimensionsL 250 x W 200 x H 330 mm
Weight14 KG

Complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

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* Must Be Filled