FFC Version, Continuous Crimping

FFC Version, Continuous Crimping

JCW-2TM Electronics Multicore Cable Stripping and Crimping Machine

Stable stripping, continuous crimping, high output

Specialist of processing multicore cable

Multicore cables are custom designed and built to meet unique product needs, the JCW-2TM stripping and crimping machine is specially designed for this application, it's capable to process both round cable and flat cable. For round cable, ultra-fine wires are processable, the outer jacket must be removed in advance. For flat cable, the JCW-2TM stripping and crimping machine allows outer jacket stripping, inner cores stripping and trimming, and terminal crimping in one work step. 

Instead of complicated manual work, the electronic JCW-2TM stripping and crimping machine offers you high performance and high output. The fully programmable JCW-2TM stripping and crimping machine can save and recall data like strip parameters, trim parameters, and parallel transfer data, etc. All of the parameters and settings are easily managed by a 7" color touchscreen. Furthermore, a user-friendly interface and customizable language shorten the training time.

Reliable and stable

The JCW-2TM wire stripping and crimping machine combines quality components to guarantee stability. A high-precision transfer guide offers accurate parallel transfer. Each machine is equipped with high torque stepper motors, branded pneumatic parts, etc.

The JCW's smart-designed side-feed crimp applicator allows the process of extremely fine wires, each wire will be separated before and after crimping. 


JCW-2TM Automatic Multicore Cable Stripping and Crimping Machine


Round / flat multiconductor cable, Ribbon cable, Wire stripping, Terminal crimping, Side-feed applicator, Stripping length, Cut depth

Raw materialPVC, Teflon, Silicone, Low halogen, Fiberglass, etc
Conductor cross-sections0.05 -  1.5 mm² [ AWG 30 - 16 ] 
Crimp force2 tons
Stroke30 mm
Round cableStrip inner cores
Flat cableStrip both outer jacket and inner cores
FFCOn request
Rated power750 W
Power supply
AC 110 - 220 V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz  
Air supply0.5 - 0.8 MPa ( clean and dry air )
DimensionsL 640 x W 500 x H 1400 mm
Weight110 KG

Complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

* Must Be Filled

* Must Be Filled