JCW-S01 Pneumatic Wire Stripping Twisting Machine Family

Cheap, easy, useful

The JCW-S01 and JCW-S01B pneumatic stripping machines are all with very compact designs and low prices. They are good assistance when processing the inner wires of the multicore cable. You can also process stranded wire, ribbon cable, etc. Several stranded wires can be processed at the same time with high efficiency. 

The JCW-S01N & JCW-S01BN are designed for stripping and twisting inner wires of multi-conductor cable. 

All of these stripping machines are activated by a foot pedal. The clamp height, cutting depth, and pull-off length are easily adjusted by turning 3 knobs. 

Besides stripping, the machines are also equipped with one pair of blades to cut the wires to be neat. They are ideal entry-level machines to replace hand tools. 


JCW-S01,   wire range AWG32 - 16, stripping length up to 25 mm. 

JCW-S01B, wire range AWG32 - 14, stripping length up to 25 mm.

JCW-S01N, wire range AWG32 - 18, stripping length up to 25 mm.

JCW-01BN, wire range AWG32 - 14, stripping length up to 25 mm.

* Must Be Filled

* Must Be Filled