JCW-QC18 Double Row Wire Harness Color Sequence Detector

In the traditional wire harness inspection process, it is necessary to go through such items as wire harness color detection, electrical conductivity detection, wire harness high and low voltage impedance detection, etc. Each detection process requires different post personnel to complete.

For thin double-row wire harnesses, the original equipment and labor can not perform efficient detection. In order to improve the detection efficiency and save costs for our customers, JCW has developed the JCW-QC18 double-row wire color sequence detector, which can detect twisted wire harnesses, small and thin double-row wire harnesses, etc.

Double-sided wires can be placed at will without distinguishing the front and back face, and the double-sided wire sequence detection can be completed simultaneously.

The flexibly designed fixture can be adjusted freely to adapt to wire rows of different widths, the wire harness can be replaced easily.

Light, sound and picture alarms are triggered at the same time, which is convenient for operators to obtain detection information.

The high-brightness LED light source shields the interference of external ambient light.

Strong anti-interference ability, wires with characters can be detected without affecting the detection results.

Automatically report detection results by voice ( OK or NG ).

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