JCW-HSB18 Infrared Workbench Heat Shrinkable Tubing Processing Equipment

Infrared: Shrinking Tube Control System

JCW-HSB18 heat-shrinkable tube processing equipment adopts an annular infrared radiation heating method to increase the uniformity of heating.  Independent heating and control systems, the heating time can be set freely, and it can work continuously for 24 hours. With a variety of control methods: manual triggering to start heating, or automatic cycle heating start-stop mode. The heating time and stop time can be adjusted freely according to actual needs.

Heating Zone Thermal Insulation Design

Double-layer design of the heating zone shell, isolate the temperature inside and outside, reduces airframe surface temperature to protect operators. 


JCW-HSB18 Infrared Workbench Heat Shrinkable Tubing Processing Equipment

Heating length
130 mm
Material diameterMax φ 25 mm
Heating pipe4 pieces
Rated power2300 W
Power supply
AC 110 - 220 V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz  
DimensionsController: L 220 x W 150 x H 152 mm
Heater:  L 400 x W 225 x H 350 mm
Weight17 KG

Complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

* Must Be Filled

* Must Be Filled