Square Crimping Profile

Square Crimping Profile

JCW-320S New Model Pneumatic Insulated Ferrule Crimping Machine

13 KN crimping force, square crimping profile

JCW-320 Series Portable Bench-top Terminal Crimping Machine

The JCW-320 series terminal crimping machines now have over 10 electric and pneumatic models. We are continuously improving existing models and developing new ones. The main feature of the JCW-320 series is that all models are compact and portable, and can crimp various closed barrel and open barrel terminals by quickly changing the crimp die sets.

Different from manual crimp tools, the JCW-320 series crimpers are lightweight and very efficient, so to reduce the physical force required by hand tools but offer a more reliable crimping effect. The operation is very simple and standardized, even novices can handle these crimping machines easily. 

The JCW-320 series crimping machines are activated by a foot pedal, the operator can place the terminal and wire with two hands, which has achieved a safer operation, reducing crimping cost and improving crimping quality. 


JCW-320S New Model Pneumatic Insulated Ferrule Crimping Machine


Loose insulated end sleeve, square profile crimping


0.2-10 mm²

Crimping force

13 KN 


3 pcs

Air regulator 





Foot pedal

Air supply

0.3 - 0.8 MPa ( clean and dry air ) 


L 151 x W 100 x H 150 mm


4 KG


Complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

* Must Be Filled

* Must Be Filled