JCW-WB05 Cable Measuring Winding Cutting and Bundling Machine

New model, touch screen, PLC control system, extendable to freestanding model


The JCW-WB05 cable winding machine is a perfect combination of cable measuring, feeding, cutting, winding, and bundling by a galvanized iron core cable tie. This cable bundling machine has replaced traditional manual processing with highly increased productivity and much lower cost. 

This electrical-pneumatic wire winding machine adopts a high precision encoder to measure the feeding length, PLC control system to ensure reliable and stable performance. The cable will be cut down automatically when the feeding length achieves the set value. The cables will be winded by orders to bring you a nice looks wire bundle. 

Via a 7" color touch screen, all of the values of feeding, winding, and twisting can be programmed in seconds. This cable winding machine comes with an English interface, we are able to add other languages by following customers' requirements. 

Automatic production line

A cable despooler and prefeeding unit is recommended to build up an automatic production line. With this line, you can process heavy-duty cable spools smoothly and avoid the possible cable knot and twist, which will maximize your benefit, especially when processing some ribbon cables. 

Please select the proper model or submit your cable type, diameter, length, and winding requirement by words or a sample image, we will recommend a suitable machine. 

Freestanding models

JCW offers various freestanding models based on the table-top model. With 4 rollers, the machine becomes moveable to work anywhere, so you can save much time moving the heavy cable spools towards the winding machine. 


JCW-WB05 Cable Measuring Winding Cutting and Bundling Machine


Measure cable, feeding length, wind cable by order, automatic cut cable, twist cable tie. Feeding speed, winding speed, winding cycles, twisting cycles, cable tie cut length. 

Wire diameterφ 2 - 10 mm [ Customizable ]
Cable tie length
120 - 200 mm [ Customizable]
Tying diameter18 - 45 mm [ Customizable]
Wound inner diameter50 - 200 mm [ Customizable ]
Wound outer diameter210 / 270 / 310 mm optional
Winding speed1 - 10 cycles / s
Cable tie twist cycle time0.6 S
Cable weight 1.5 KG [ Customizable ] 
Data library100 programs
Display7" color touchscreen, English / Chinese  [ other languages on request ]
Compatible peripheralsCable prefeeding machine
Power supply
AC 110 - 220 V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz
Air supply0.4 - 0.7 MPa ( clean and dry air )
DimensionsL 1200 x W 850 x H 500 mm
Weight80 KG

Complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

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* Must Be Filled