JCW-WB Series Cable Bundling Machine

Binding cable tie to cable coil

Efficient cable handling equipment

The JCW-WB series wire bundling machines are suitable to bind an iron core cable tie to a cable bundle. The tying is activated by a trigger sensor, feeding length is settable for different tying diameters. The cable tie twisting speed and cycles are all settable via PLC control color touchscreen. The JCW-WB01T cable bundling machine cuts the cable tie and twists it as set parameters. 

We also supply oval galvanized iron core cable ties, common colors are black and white, and other colors are customizable. 

3 models for selection

Please select the proper model or submit your cable type, diameter, length, and winding requirement by words or a sample image, we will recommend a suitable machine. 

JCW-WB01T, tying diameter 5-30mm, cable tie cutting length 75-140mm.

JCW-WB02T, tying diameter 18-45mm, cable tie cutting length 120-190mm.

JCW-WB03T, tying diameter 40-80mm, cable tie cutting length 200-300mm.

Various applications, customizable models

The JCW-WB winding and bundling machines are customizable for various applications and industries besides the wire harness industry. We have rich experience in bundling AC/DC power cable, headphone cable, USB data cable, bathroom rubber hose, and even some bundling work of textile industry and food industry. 

Please contact us to get a solution for your production needs.

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