Multicore Cable Automatic Tinning Solution

2024/07/05 09:58:10

Tinning involves the application of solder to the exposed ends of copper wire. Before connecting copper wire to a terminal, for instance, some workers may apply colder to the end of the copper wire. A process known as tinning, it’s designed to create a stronger and more secure contact between the copper wire and the terminal.

Single-wire soldering is already a very mature technology. We have a variety of fully automatic soldering machines that can provide high-speed output of soldering, or single-head terminal crimping and another head tin soldering.

We now recommend JCW-CST23 to you to solve the automatic tinning demand of sheathed wires that has long troubled wire harness manufacturers. This machine can automatically complete wire end stripping, copper wire twisting, fluxing and tinning.

The fully open structure provides intuitive visual effects, making it easy for workers to monitor the entire production process, replace parts, and perform machine maintenance.

All production parameters can be quickly and accurately entered and edited via the touch screen.